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While their kids are sleeping, these parents create for them a wonderful dinosaur mystery

Brian wrote the best XXX ever

Brian is the bomb!

Be gentle

Uncle Buck - Record for consecutive questions asked

Master Chief and Little Chief

Another 7 year old smart ass

A reddit user says about this: "Found this in some old school papers. Apparently even 7 year old me was a smart ass."

Careful what you wish for

"She said she wanted the biggest cinnamon roll they had."

The Yard - Difference between girls' bodies and boys' bodies

My son is a ridiculous little person

Sexual harassment

Louis CK - Why?

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No matter how

Funny babies

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Bad Kid's Homework


PaintWorld 2

Agent Turnright

Absolutely brilliant

Acceptable answer

The Love Letter

Are you kidding?

Willy Ronis - 18 beautiful pictures

Bored kid at an Apple Store.

Revive The Monster

Monkey GO Happy - Xmas Time!

My in-laws are strange people

Wife is do I feed this thing or what?

I think the kid is possesed

Feeling good


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