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Another 7 year old smart ass

A reddit user says about this: "Found this in some old school papers. Apparently even 7 year old me was a smart ass."

Careful what you wish for

"She said she wanted the biggest cinnamon roll they had."

Louis CK - Why?

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Sexual harassment

Acceptable answer

Bored kid at an Apple Store.

Revive The Monster

Spot the gay kid

Best of luck, peasants...

Starting my New life as a Nanny

Fun times at home!

Notebook Space Wars

Hop Bob

Ramen Delight! The Happy Journey

Some parent is proud

"I lost my licence about a week ago. Today, I received this in the mail. Needless to say, he will be receiving a reward."

A true one that is

Wise words

Feeling good



PaintWorld 2

Agent Turnright

Get off my lawn

Probably not the best place to put the author's name

Willy Ronis - 18 beautiful pictures

Home alone... [24 photos]

These kids have a very creative father, the photographer Jason Lee. They are shown in this post doing some crazy things and are enjoying every minute of it.

The Love Letter

Absolutely brilliant

Exam answers 3

Monkey GO Happy - Xmas Time!

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