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Thor and LoKi stare at Scarlett Johanssons ass

Even gods would stare at dat ass!

34 Reasons as to why Australia is the most dangerous country

I don't even know what some of these are... WARNING: Some of the images are graphic.

What are you tittering at?

Life lessons from Oscar Pistorius

From TV show "Bad Education"

'MURICA!! Soccer Mom Edition

Bart Simpson skateboarding

My mom found this when checking out a neighbors property this morning.

Seriously? No

Tina & The Gucci Flip Flops

So True....

Me on facebook!

15-year-old Sam on stage with Michael Buble!

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Just Homer

Homer Simpson knows women

Sheldon Cooper being wrong?

This pretty much sums up my plans for Halloween this year.

Rexona Degree - Mama's Boy

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Family Guy - Mr. & Mrs. Stewie

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Homer logic.


Nice job marketing guys

Homer Kardashian

Badass Homer Simpson

Did you know the real names of these 25 cartoon characters?

Well this is a good idea

Great answer from Homer Simpson

About your pants....

That goddamn emotional investment...

Funny moto

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