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Carry me mom

15-year-old Sam on stage with Michael Buble!

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Homer Simpson eating Apple iPhone case

This pretty much sums up my plans for Halloween this year.

Just Homer

Homer, has women figured out...!


What I imagined the US Coach did after beating Ghana

Homer Kardashian

Great answer from Homer Simpson

Badass Homer Simpson

Homer logic.

Rexona Degree - Mama's Boy

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Homer Simpson knows women

Sheldon Cooper being wrong?

Nice job marketing guys

Family Guy - Mr. & Mrs. Stewie

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Learning guitar at 32

"At age 32, I decided to start learning guitar. It's different than I thought it would be."

Get off the table!!

About your pants....

Did you know the real names of these 25 cartoon characters?

Well this is a good idea

Funny moto

Homer Simpson evolution

Awesome animation showing the growing up of Homer.

This is how I wifed someone.

Did your mother buy those?

14 people you've never expected to see this way

Happy mother's day to supermoms everywhere!

Unfortunate URL...

Making breakfast this morning, and spotted a very unfortunate URL...
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