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6 Hot girls from Big Brother taking a shower [NSFW]

1 Krystal Forscutt - Big Brother Australia

That bathtub scene is unforgetable. The nipslip and the teasing is almost softcore porn. That girl is very hot.

video of the nipslip

The Avengers - Before and now [20 photos]

Marvel has gone a long way with its heroes. Here are the Avengers, how they looked in the 70's and how they look now.

Captain America

Girl from Ucraine looks like a barbie doll [14 photos]

Stefanie Seymour - Aging like a BOSS

She was sooo beautiful when she was young and after 15-20 years you look at her and you still feel your mouth watering.

She is now around 45, with 3 children and a 20 year old son. She transformed from absolute hotness to absolute milf. Only thing that changed is the size of her bush. Although I like the old one too.


The young Stefanie

Hayden Panettiere, Kim Kardashian and the other Oktoberfest girls of 2011

I just seems that Kim Kardashian can look hot whatever she wears.

7 Bollywood stars in hot bikini![Why we love Bollywood...]

After these photos you'll love Bollywood too...

1 Aishwarya Rai

Top 10 sluttiests wedding dresses!

If your bride looks like one of these girls... then congrats! You're the luckiest guy in the world! Haha!


Motivational Boobs (18 photos)

Can you believe that this man is 72 years old?

Dr. Jeffry Life was 59 years old when he realized he looked and felt like an old man. Twelve years later, at the age of 72, he's as active and vibrant as ever, fully enjoying every aspect of his medical practice, and his personal life. His first book, THE LIFE PLAN published in May 2011.

He worked out hard for a bestseller and he earned it!

Gabby Douglas - Sorry internet trolls

8 weird ways to die

Dakota Rose: The girl who looks like a doll. [18 photos]

She' s 23 years old model from San Francisco, California, US. Female we hope. Enjoy...

Couple or dolphins?

13 celebrities before and after

As you will see, most celebrities become more beautiful as they grow up. Is there some kind of elixir (and they don't tell us) or it's just the millions in a bank?

George Clooney

Hijra: Fantasy vs Reality [30 photos]

The Hijra of India are probably the most well known and populous third sex type in the modern world. The Humsafar Trust estimates there are between 5 and 6 million hijras in India.. Often called eunuchs in English, they may be born intersex or apparently male, dress in feminine clothes and generally see themselves as neither men nor women.

the Moghuls ruled present-day India (1526-1858), hijras were revered as confidants and private guards in royal courts across the empire.

After the British seized control of the region, the political power of hijras dramatically decreased.

Since Indian independence, hijras have been limited to working mostly as performers, commercial sex workers and panhandlers. To confront these barriers, a pro-hijra movement has emerged and sought increased civil rights. In 1994, hijras gained their right to vote. Four years later, the first Indian transgender politician, Shabnam Mausi, was elected to serve in the Madhya Pradesh state legislative assembly.

What you think a hijra is like...

11 pussy haircuts

It's been a lot of time since that bushy era where it was concidered sexy to be hairy down there. Now most men (me included) want it neat and clean. Although there are some quite interesting variations. Have a look and let me know what you think.

I am in no way an expert. I just enjoyed looking for them :)

1. The Brazilian or Landing strip

A Dog Protesting [ 13 photos ]

What a man looks like

As a newly unemployed person, this is what my day looks like.

How I think my moustache looks like...

It's not what it looks like!

I am looking for this Asian guy...

What are the odds?

Cool straight old people

What the what?

Greek cult or slut?

Soccer body painting [14 photos]

Can you imagine these uniforms at the real game? Well maybe for the men would not be so attractive but for these girls... look absolutely perfect!

How shopping with three girls feels

Poor guy was shopping with three girls (family from the looks of it). He laid down for a second and they just left him like this. They shopped, he dropped.

The "Look at Me" runner

Thank you Disney

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